AXIS Lounge

AXIS Lounge is a place for people to eat and drink well and explore new realities. We offer Mexican high cuisine (tapas style), craft beer, cocktails and virtual reality experiences.

Enter the multiverse at AXIS with the highest quality virtual reality experiences available today. Our professionally trained VR Guides assist guests of all experience levels in using one of our top of the line HTC Vive VR headsets.

Sessions are 10min each, making it easy to try VR for the first time ever. Or simply enjoy it in fully immersive, bite size chunks ($5).

Reserve an alcove at AXIS for your next outing, happy hour, birthday party or private event ($40/hr). 

Bring VR to your next event at home, school, work, etc. Our VR Guides are fully equipped to set up and manage a top of the line VR system. Just send us an email or ask at the lounge.

Access the best VR content in the metaverse with AXIS VR. We follow all the major VR publishers and continuously update our "VR lobby" with the hottest, most popular, triple A grade experiences. We offer both single and two-player live action arcade style experiences, so you can dive in with your friends and tag team together.